General Podiatry Treatment

website-3Do you have sore or painful feet from corns, hard skin, cracked heels, thick toe nails that are stopping you from getting about? Are you diabetic, or do you have arthritic feet that need a bit of TLC?  Or do you simply want your feet to look great for your holidays or for a special night out?  I can help you with treatment and advice to solve any of these problems so that you will leave the clinic with a renewed spring in your step!

Ingrowing toenails

website-6I specialise in treating in growing toenails and get some great results for my patients.   For stubborn re-occurring in growing toe nails I provide an an operation to help correct your toe nail and reduce the chances of it causing you trouble again

This is done by using local anaesthetic at the base of the toe.  This eliminates any pain.  The sides of the nail are then removed and treated to stop those painful in growing pieces of nail from regrowing.  The operation generally takes about 45 mins – 1 hour

You will receive follow up appointments and support until the toe has healed.  This generally takes about 6 weeks, and is normally pain free on the day after the operation.  Dressing packs will also be provided free of charge so that you will be able to change the dressings in-between appointments until the toe is healed.