Heel cracks and fissures are extremly common and can be very painful .When the skin around the heels is severely dried, deep cracks, pain and even bleeding can occur.  This is caused by dry, thickened skin that is unable to stretch like normal skin in response to the pressure of walking and movement.The cracks are called fissures.   The fissures if left unattended can become larger and deeper and could even involve the deeper layers of the skin, causing bleeding.This can be very painful. There can be many medical conditions that leave people prone to developing heel fissures such as diabetes, patients with poor circulation, hypothyroidism and people whose sweat production is reduced.

The condition can also be affected  by patients wearing open backed  shoes, where their heels splay over the edges .  This is commonly seen in summer when ladies, in particular, are wearing sandals.  It  is also more prevalent in heavier people.

Here at Oaklands Clinic in Romiley, Stockport  we can help by painlessly removing the calloused skin and applying antiseptics and emollients to rectify the situation. We can also  advise a maintenance programme for you to help prevent a reoccurance.